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The Geek Bracket - A Trivia Podcast

Dec 22, 2020

Welcome to The Geek Bracket's Grand Final!

The Grand Finalists are:

Joe Klopchic
Dan May - @DannyGambit
Eliana Rabinowitz

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Today's Finals Categories are:

An 80s Eye Band
Defined in the 1500s
Fanatical Devotion
Page Discovery
Presidentially Delivered
Ritual Appearance
So Much Spent
U2's Dismantling Single
Wall Painters

Today's Double-Up List, in the Category of Gaming:

Place the following LEGO sets by number of individual pieces, from most to least. (according to - Hogwart's Castle, Millenium Falcon (2017 edition), Ninjago City, The Taj Mahal